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I had mentioned in my last post my collection of “gargoyles”. I thought I would introduce a few of them to you today, but first a little history lesson. Most stone carvings people think of as gargoyles are not. True … Continue reading

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Egardusye–Sweet and Sour Fish


It’s Medieval Day┬áin the kitchen again. Today we’re going to be making Egardusye, which is a kind of fish stew. Actually, the term egardusye, or egerdouce, comes from two french words aigre-doux, which means “sour-sweet”, but have had various spellings … Continue reading

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Craft Day in the Dining Room


Today I thought I’d share a bit of crafting and interior design with you. My husband and I traveled to Italy a few years back, and as we totally fell in love with the country, we thought we’d keep a … Continue reading

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